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Olivia Grove is focussed on providing great products, old style customer service and a rewarding shopping experience. We are a young company offering a range of carefully selected products. Our range currently includes natural skin care products, and a small selection of gourmet foods. We will soon expand our stock range to include fresh, nutrient dense, farm grown food.

If our products express a sense of place, the Kirup climate, a sense of Australia, and our commitment to organic production, we will be close to achieving our goal.

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Morning Mist

An intensive nutritious daily treatment suitable for all skin types. With Extra Virgin Olive Oil and enriched with Rosemary, Calendular, Green Tea, Shea Butter, coconut oil, glycerine and Vitamin E this deeply moisturising cream restores  hydration whilst replenishing and regenerating the skin to give a younger, healthier and fresher appearance. The pure essential oils of Rosewood, Lavender and Lime help with tissue regeneration and healing. Apply liberally to face and neck in the morning for all day skin nourishment.

$18.50 (inc GST)
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Olive Oil Benefits

Healthier Skin & Hair

Olive oil prevents signs of photo-aging and sun damage and contain squalene which is very hydrating.

Full of Antioxidants

Antioxidants have powerful biological effects and fights free radical damage of your skin.


Contains nutrients like oleic acid and antioxidant olecanthal which reduces inflammation.

Reduce Diabetes Risk

Proven benefits for blood sugar and insulin sensitivity particularly with a Mediterranean diet.

Here at Olivia Grove, we believe in offering our valued clients great products such as our olive oil moisturiser, olive oil soap and other olive oil skin care products. Of course, having great products is one thing, but when this is accompanied by good old-fashioned customer service, you know that you are dealing with professionals and a company that you can trust. Our olive oil soap in Australia is regarded as some of the best in the country, something that we are naturally very proud of.

Olive oil offers natural skin care and can, therefore, be used on almost every type of skin. Olive oil for skin care has been used for centuries with people using olive oil for their face and olive oil for their skin. These days, we are also capable of producing olive oil lotion for skin which can be more convenient without sacrificing any of the olive oil skin care benefits. It is down to personal preference, but whatever suits your needs, we will be able to provide.

We are a relatively young company, but this has allowed us to establish exactly what our customers want. Every one of our products has been carefully selected and must meet our exceptionally high requirements and standards before it is even considered for sale. Currently, our range focuses primarily on olive oil natural skin care products, but we also stock a small, but carefully selected range of gourmet foods. Our objective in the future is to increase our range to include fresh, nutrient-dense, farm-grown food.

We are a proud Australian company, our products such as olive oil moisturiser, olive oil soap and other olive oil skin care products represent the magnificent Kirup climate and give a real sense of Australia. We are 100% committed to organic production of all our items, and our olive oil soap really represents Australia. We know that olive oil has many skin care benefits, and our goal is to pass these benefits on to our customers.

Olivia Grove Farm was our dream, and now that dream has finally been realised. We still remember the finer things in life, when foods could be clearly identified by their taste, when we had to eat food that was in season and when milk had cream on top! These were the times when our foods were packed full of nutrients without the use of pesticides. It is something that we want to return to, and we believe that the benefits of olive oil for skin care totally represent this.

If you would like more information about our olive oil skin care products such as olive oil for skin or olive oil for face, not to mention our olive oil lotion for skin, we would be delighted to hear from you. You can call us on (08) 9731 6834, email us on, or alternatively, you can contact us directly via our website.

We look forward to sharing our fantastic range of products with you and would like to remind you that all orders over $100 receive a FREE gift pack.

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Olivia Grove

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We invite our customers to visit the farm and to verify for themselves our commitment to deep organic production methods.

We aim to exceed the minimum organic requirements set by government regulation and commercial accreditation systems. We will implement QA processes to record and verify our commitment. Our enduring commitment is to adhere to natural and ethical production processes that deliver healthy products and produce and, as far as is practicable, avoid the use of poisons, chemicals and manufactured fertilisers.