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    Skin Therapy

    Skin Therapy


    Moisturising, Healing. Calming

    Rejuvenating nourishment for mature or damaged skin.
    A rich moisturising cream, rich in natural antioxidants, with significant lasting effects for prolonged hydration.

    Formulated with EVOO, butters and a special blend of healing and essential oils that nourish and nurture mature, damaged or extremely dry skin.

    The blend of chamomile German, ylang ylang, palmarosa and  lavender essential oils combine to provide exceptional properties for moisturising, healing, calming and toning dry and damaged skin. May be beneficial for those who suffer psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis and to help to prevent scar tissue.
    Use all over the body including the face.

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    250ml pump, 200ml tub, 150ml tube

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