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The benefits of olive oil skincare

The Benefits of Olive Oil for Skin Care

The benefits of including olive oil in your diet are well publicised, and it is a common feature in the

Mediterranean Diet, reputedly the healthiest diet in the world. However, high-quality olive oil

natural skin care products are now becoming more prominent in supermarkets and pharmacies

around Australia.


Here are just four of the benefits:


1.High in Antioxidants


Oxidisation within the body can produce free radicals, which are chemicals that are harmful to cells

within the body. If olive oil, or an olive oil natural skin care product, is applied to the skin regularly, it

can prevent premature aging. Research published by Oxford Academics also suggest that using such

products after exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays may fight off cancer-causing cells.

2.High Vitamin Content


Olive oil and olive oil natural skin care products are naturally high in vitamins A, D, E and K, all of

which are fat-soluble and thought to have many benefits for the skin. Vitamin E is a treatment that

has been used for centuries for skin conditions, including psoriasis and eczema.


3.Antibacterial Properties


Olive oil, when used for natural skincare, is thought to have antibacterial properties and significantly

diminishes bacteria’s ability to multiply on the skin. It is commonly used in some regions of the world

to treat bacterial infections as well as helping those who suffer from feet ulcers due to Type 2


4.Moisturising Effect


Of course, one of the main benefits of olive oil natural skin care is its effectiveness as a natural

moisturiser. It is a common feature in both skin and hair care products and is believed the leave the

skin looking radiant as well as reducing the number of fine lines and blemishes.

A quality olive oil skincare product will rapidly reveal your inner beauty. If you would like more

information about our extensive range of products, please contact us for more details

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